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She Reads Truth Bible: An Honest Review and Giveaway

Several years ago, I was searching in the app store for women’s daily devotionals when I came across the She Reads Truth app.

Being a designer, I’m SUPER picky about the apps I use and keep on my phone. Call me crazy, but I can decide within a few seconds of interacting with an app if I’m going to like it or not.

I had already downloaded and deleted a few devotional apps because they didn’t live up to their descriptions (or, perhaps, my expectations), but this particular app stayed on my phone. And…it’s been there ever since.

The She Reads Truth app was beautiful, intuitive, and inspiring. This one app was able to take the Word and make it feel relatable through devotions, studies, and design. I was hooked.

So, when they came out with a She Reads Truth Bible, I knew I had to get my hands on one. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I was asked to review one for B&H Publishing by FrontGate Media.

I was given this Bible to review for B&H Publishing by FrontGate Media. While I was given the Bible for free, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

This post contains affiliate links which means we may receive compensation for products mentioned below. We only recommend brands we use and trust.

About the Bible

The She Reads Truth Bible aims to live at the intersection of beauty, goodness, and Truth. This Bible invites every woman to count themselves among the She Reads Truth community of “Women in the Word of God every day.”

Key features include: almost 200 devotionals, 66 artist-designed key verses, 35 full-color timelines, 20 full-color maps, 11 full-color charts, reading plans for every book of the Bible, one-year Bible reading plan, detailed book introductions, key verse list, carefully curated topical index, smyth-sewn binding, two colored ribbon markers, and wide margins for journaling and note-taking.

The Pros

I received the Linen Hardback Bible in Poppy. Y’all, this Bible did not disappoint. From the layout of each page to the beautiful packaging, every single detail was thought through.

The great thing about this Bible is that it’s so inviting. You want to pick it up. You want to study it. It feels so approachable because of the way it’s designed.

The cover is wrapped in linen with gold foil that reminds me a lot of antique books. The Bible also comes in a hard case that matches so that it’s easy and safe to store on a shelf without messing up the pages.

Each book starts with a gorgeous hand-lettered page, featuring a verse from that particular book, to help aid in memorization that is so beautiful and feminine. Seriously, this was the first thing I turned to when I opened the Bible and I squealed. So pretty!

The wide margins are perfect for adding notes as you study. I always hated taking notes in my Bible because I never felt like there was enough room and squishing everything I wanted to say in tiny margins never worked for me. I haven’t taken any notes in this Bible yet because, being a perfectionist, I’m afraid to mess it up, but I’ll get there one day.

I’m typically an NIV reader and most scripture I have memorized based on the NIV. But, this version has been really easy to follow and read. Also, it’s always a good idea to change up versions every now and then to make sure you have an accurate understanding of what you are studying.

Also, this is a small detail, but I love that it has two ribbon markers (in two different colors). I use one to mark my own individual study and the other to change when I’m reading along at church or Bible study.

The Cons

This isn’t so much a con as a personal preference. As much as I love the hardback cover, it doesn’t quite feel like a Bible to me. I’m used to Bibles with leather covers that are flexible, so it feels a bit odd to have a hardback Bible, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Thankfully, they also have a leather cover option if that’s more your taste!

Something else to note is that the pages are extremely thin. Thinner than probably any other Bible I’ve used. I’ve heard that gel highlighters are a better option for Bibles than regular highlighters, but as far as writing/notetaking goes, you might want to stick with a pencil.

I, also, would have liked the concordance to be a little more substantial. Again, this might be a personal preference, but going from a study Bible to this Bible is a big jump. I’m used to being able to look up a particular scripture using key words from my concordance in the back and that’s not always possible with this Bible.

Lastly, a quick side note: if you are thinking about getting the Poppy color, it is a lot more vivid than it looks in the pictures on their website. Think less orange and more bright coral. I was very surprised when it came in the mail because I was expecting it to be a completely different color. Still beautiful, just not what I was expecting!

Win a She Reads Truth Bible

All in all, I’m so impressed with this Bible. I know I’ve said it a lot, but it really is stunning. It would make a wonderful gift for your mom, sister, best friend…or snag one for yourself at

AND…I know I’ve kept you waiting, but there is a giveaway where you can win one of seven of these Poppy Linen Hardback Bibles! Be sure to check out the details here and signup before December 10th!

Let me know if I missed anything you want to know in the comments below!

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