Weekly Workouts: Week Two + Three of Half Marathon Training

Summer storms are definitely here.

Living in the south, there’s one thing you can count on during the summer: random summer storms that seemingly pop up out of nowhere. They are difficult to forecast and, therefore, very difficult to plan around.

And, let’s be real — there are very few windows available for me to run on any given day. Between a toddler who depends on me, a husband in school, work life, and just day-to-day responsibilities, I essentially have two windows: one small window early in the mornings before David goes to school and then one in the evenings after JD goes to bed.

So, when you throw weather into that mix, it can get a little complicated. Thankfully, I was able to make progress regardless of having so many rest days. I’m still feeling really good about my training so far and looking forward to week four!

Week Two

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Intervals

10 Minute Warmup
Run in Zone 4 for 3 Minutes and Zone 2 for 1.5 Minutes. Repeat 5 Times.
Cool Down for 5 to 10 Minutes

Seeing Zone 4 in the plan for this week had me pretty excited. I’ve been wanting to run and I knew this would allow me to push myself a bit more than usual. I went out early that morning and felt pretty good warming up. Once the intervals hit, I was able to pick up my speed a bit for the duration of the three minutes, but I did have to slow all the way down to a walk to get back to Zone 2. My total for this workout was 2.25 miles.

Tuesday: Easy Run

Run in Zone 2 for 40 Minutes
Cool Down for 5 to 10 Minutes

One of the great things about staying in Zone 2 is that I get to actually enjoy my run. Sure, I’d love to be running at a faster pace and getting more miles in, but I get to run at a pace that is relatively comfortable while still building my running base.

This run ended up being one of my slowest so far. I had a lot on my mind and felt pretty distracted, so my thoughts quickly took over and I wasn’t really focusing on the run itself. Not a bad way to spend a workout, but not sure how productive it was either. Regardless, I ended up running/walking for a total of 2.42 miles.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Hills

Run in Zone 4 for 4 Minutes and Zone 2 for 2 Minutes. Repeat 3 Times.
Run up hills if possible.
Cool Down for 5 to 10 Minutes

Y’all, hills kick my butt. We have a lot of hills around our house, so finding a challenging route was an easy task. I quickly maxed out my Zone 4 heart rate and four minutes seemed to drag on and on. Seriously, I’ve never looked at my watch so many times.

I pushed through it, but I was really, really excited when it was over. Not my favorite workout, but I can see the benefits of this type of run. All in all, I was able to get 2.20 miles out of this run.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Cross-Training

45 Minute Total-Body Tabata Workout

On this particular night, I put on all of my running gear and opened the door…and it was absolutely pouring outside. One look at the radar and it was clear that the storm was just getting started, so I decided I’d do a cross-training workout that night instead.

If I wasn’t sore after my hills run, I definitely was after this full-body Tabata workout. I was really struggling to walk over the next few days because my inner thighs were so sore. It was a great workout and I was happy to make progress even though I was stuck inside.

Sunday: Rest

Week Three

Sunday-Tuesday: Rest

Seriously…so many storms. 🙁

Wednesday: Easy Run

Run in Zone 2 for 45 Minutes.
Cool Down for 5 to 10 Minutes.

Finally, I was able to get back out there and get in an easy run. My easy run was still a very slight jog with small walking breaks. I was definitely starting to feel a bit of frustration since I still was not at a full run, but I let that frustration pass and focused on doing the best I could in Zone 2. I ended up running 2.63 miles that night.

Also, sidenote: I determined I really dislike running at night. There were too many noises coming from the woods around our house, but I couldn’t see what little creatures were making the sounds. I was hoping and praying that a snake wouldn’t cross my path, because I couldn’t see a thing. 🙂

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Long Run

Run in Zone 2 for 80 Minutes.
Cool Down for 5 to 10 Minutes

I had been dreading this long run all week. It was so incredibly daunting to me.  I’ve never run that long in my entire life and I was really doubting my ability to get through it.

The route I run around our house is very short and I knew I would get bored really quickly trying to run that same path for over an hour. And, as I mentioned earlier, there were way too many sounds coming from the woods around our house, so I decided to check out a new route that was a little more well-lit and a little less noisy. 🙂

After we got JD down for bed that evening, I set out for my run. I started running and quickly settled into a nice pace and rhythm…and I jogged for 50 minutes without stopping to walk!

50 whole minutes of jogging, y’all. 

Granted, it was still a very slight jog, but I was so excited to see this massive gain.

The last 30 minutes, I’d stop to walk for a couple of minutes to bring my heart rate back down and then pick back up to jogging. My total was 4.52 miles — the longest distance so far!

This run was a huge breakthrough for me and completely shifted my mindset. To see that I could run that long without stopping on a workout that was incredibly challenging and intimidating in my mind was a major boost in my confidence.

Saturday: Rest

Total Miles for Week Two: 6.87 Miles

Total Miles for Week Three: 7.15 Miles

With the way I ended on Saturday, it’s hard to have any complaints even though my total miles are down. But, progress isn’t always measured in miles — this week was about way more than distance for me. I’m thankful that this heart-rate based training allows me to see accomplishments beyond distance and pace.

Week four, here I come!

And, if you have any suggestions or tips for planning your runs during stormy seasons, I’d love hear them in the comments below!

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